LG G2 auto focus breathing issue AGAIN!

Discussion in 'G2 General Discussion' started by Briggs, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Briggs

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    Check the above video. I've noticed today that the auto focus is all over the place. More so in low lighting conditions than in my outside sunny videos. Here's a perfect example of this.

    I'm inclined to think that 10e firmware is more of a beta firmware when it comes to the camera at least. LG had this issue in the past with auto focus breathing or fluttering. Yet here it is again in their flagship G2! At least in the G2.

    LG needs to get this sorted. I'm not sure if its present in the F320K and F320L models that have had OTA updates. My model the F320S has yet to receive and update. TK telecom or LG need to address this asap or this phone will have nothing but rubbish reviews for video quality.

    There is also a sound issue in silent environments.

    To LG, this is your flagship phone and its a joke you release it with such issues. I hope this is fix when you release the international version in September or this phone will flop!
  2. Markus

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    Could you explain in words what you mean by "all over the place"? I don't quite understand what the problem is.
    The camera on my Nexus 10 also has some brief blurry moments when it tries to get a better focus if thats what you are talking about. I thought this is the only way to do it on this kind of cameras (without other sensors to measure distance).
    Also if you take a video of a tv playing a video... then imo it's ok for the camera to get like "wtf are you pointing at?!?".

    And what kind of sound issue do you mean? Some high pitch "electronic" sound?
  3. Briggs

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    IN Firmware 10e it was more present. The auto would have trouble getting a lock on videos. Blurry in and out. Seems LG is working on the software still. 10e I think was a beta version. Now i'm on 10K things have improved. Phone is faster too. Knock on and off feature seems to be a battery drainer...

    The sound issue was like a silent hiss in the background. I need to test some more with firmware 10K but it seems the bitrates remain 20mbps 1080p 30fps and 30mbps 60fps..
  4. Paralogos

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    Thanks for the post Briggs. And all your others--very helpful. An even worse case of auto-focus breathing can be found here (shot in bright light, I believe, with the sepia filter on):

    So this leaves me with a question about the G2: Can you turn off continual autofocus in the video mode? The HTC One allows you to lock focus when shooting video, which may help with the breathing problem. Alternatively, does the G2 have a "tracking focus" mode, like the G Pro? That might help the problem as well. This is a fatal flaw in video quality if there is no workaround.
  5. Briggs

    Briggs Administrator Staff Member

    Hi thanks for the video. Yes thats the breathing auto focus issue alright. There is no option to disable the auto focus. However yes there is that tracking focus option that can be used to help with the issue. Like my G Pro. The video quality is good. Nice birates (20mbps and 30mbps 60fps) and LG should fix this software issue asap.

    The G Pro had bad auto focus on the first firmwares. Later it was improved. So I'm hoping for the same otherwise the G2 video is flawed.
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