How to root the LG G2 (F320)

Discussion in 'G2 User Tips, Help and Solutions' started by Briggs, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Briggs

    Briggs Administrator Staff Member

    This method has been tested and worked on my F320S model (Korean G2 version)

    Downloads required:
    LG G2 USB driver
    LG G2 root

    • Download and install the LG USB driver
    • Make sure your phone is in development USB mode. (Got to settings / general tab/ About phone / Software information / Click build number about 10 times to enable Developer options.
    • Now click the Developer options in the general settings tab and development USB mode
    • Allow unknown sources. General settings tab/ security. Unknown sources.
    Connect G2 to PC.
    • Extract Root G2 software. Run root LG G2.exe follow onscreen prompt. (click and click) phone will reboot if it worked and you will have superuser installed.
    You have root access!
  2. Markus

    Markus New Member

    Is it possible to install any existing custom recovery on the LG G2 already?
    Like CWM or TWRP? And if so can you install the via recovery then?
  3. Briggs

    Briggs Administrator Staff Member

    I tired LG G2 recovery apk it resulted in a boot loop and a softbrick from which i can't recovery the phone yet. So no. Not yet.
  4. Markus

    Markus New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that :'( Hope you get it running again soon. Thanks again for your effort :)
  5. Briggs

    Briggs Administrator Staff Member

  6. Davey

    Davey Member

    Does this root method work on the international model you think?
  7. MCube74

    MCube74 New Member

    I got this guide from a local site in HOng Kong.

    For F320S the new rom is 10K ... _00/F320S10K_00.kdz

    Here is the guide to flash the rom

    How to flash ROM: 1) Download LG mobile support tool
    2) Install FlashTool (R&D Test Tool)
    3) Install LG drivers (can skip if you already installed) ...
    4) Install LG mobile support tool
    5) Power off your G pro, press Volume Up and then plus-in the usb cable (enter to a download mode)
    6) Extract FlashTool and run UpTestEX.exe
    7) In R&D Test Tool window,
    Select Type = 3GQCT (top left hand side)
    PhoneMode = DIAG (top right hand side)
    Select kdz file = click to select your LG stock rom *.kdz
    Click "Normal web upgrade test" (bottom right hand side)
    Then another window "read phone information" pop up, click "Upgrade Start" button
    wait a few seconds, another window "Select Country & Language" pop up,
    => Country=Republic of Korea
    => Language=Korea
    you can click ok to proceed (or select language = English or Chinese Simplified PRC)
    7) All done and wait for finish
  8. Briggs

    Briggs Administrator Staff Member

    Well it seems you can only root once. I can seem to root my G2 again, in download mode it says ROOTED in red so its safe to assume that its tagged as being rooted.

    Tried both root tools and nothing its blocked now. Could be the 10K update blocking root? Bad move LG....

    Now I need to wait for a new root method for people that HAD root.

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